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Read what clients have to say about Discovery Daycare!

She set realistic and consistent expectations for each child and offered constant positive reinforcement

Our son, Emerson, attended Discovery Daycare [formerly Kinder College] in Douglas County, CO from August of 2013 to March of 2014.  We feel very positive about his time there and would highly recommend Christina Lofstedt to any prospective parents considering sending their child there for preschool.
Emerson’s time there was filled with well planned learning and social activities that allowed him to grow and develop to his maximum potential.  The education program was well thought out and allowed children to participate together on varied themes each week.  Christina made every effort for each child to participate in learning activities regardless of age or whether they attended part-time or full-time. We were also kept well informed of the week’s themes and activities which allowed for continued discussion and education at home.
 Christina was skilled and tactful in interaction with each child.  She was very patient and willing to help with Emerson’s developmental milestones such as potty training, sharing with others and moving to a big boy bed.  She set realistic and consistent expectations for each child and offered constant positive reinforcement.  
Christina has created a safe and educational environment that we felt lucky to have found.  It was clear to us that she cared as much for Emerson as we did. It was wonderful sending our son to a place every day that he enjoyed so much.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Ben and Catie Ruch
(Miss Christina will gladly give you their contact information, just ask!)

Warm, loving, and educational environment has far exceeded any expectations for care


It is with the utmost confidence that we write this letter of recommendation for Miss Christina Lofstedt. Our three year old son has been in Christina’s care for almost a year. Due to a change in job location and an unmanageable commute we must regretfully move our son to a new school. If all circumstances had remained the same, our son would have stayed with Christina until he was enrolled in school full-time.

Christina has provided a warm, loving, and educational environment for our son that has far exceeded any expectations for care that we could have had. The weekly themes and curriculum, the special science projects, writing, crafts, and daily practice of numbers, letters, and pre-reading skills that she has taught our son have been amazing. She has provided a remarkable environment for learning, in addition to having that warm, safe, fun and loving that every parent hopes for, for their children. After a very short time at Discovery Daycare, it has become crystal clear that Miss Christina takes much pride in providing such a great environment for the children that she cares for and that she is an expert in her field. She has the education and experience to put together great lessons and activities for the kids, and she does this with a calm and loving demeanor. She is a gifted teacher and care giver, and she will be sadly missed by our entire family.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss our experience with Discovery Daycare, please feel free to contact me at any time.

(Miss Christina will gladly give you her contact information, just ask!)

Calm, caring, level-headed teacher


Thank you so much for all your hard work with [my son]. He has grown up so much since starting preschool and we couldn’t be happier. You are such a calm, caring, and level-headed teacher. We hope all of his teachers will be as good as you. We will tell everyone we know about Discovery Daycare. We plan on stopping by whenever we are in the neighborhood. Thank you for being you.

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